Activities in the GreenValley Sri Lanka


The knuckle range is a UNESCO world heritage conservation area .six higher mount 1863m in srilanka .British in Ceylon named mount range knuckles . The knuckle range mountain is located towards the north East from central mountain as small massif isolated from the central hills.The forest covered on the mount range amount to 21000 h.a and fall within Kandy and Matale district . The serious trekkers and biodiversity enthusiasts would take up a 3 days hike for 40km trek with a guide. Mini world end (1192m )situated at the southern end of knuckle range this is beautifully observation point .

Knuckles range. Is home to mammals such as wild boar,spotted dear ,giant squirrel barking dear,purple face leaf monkey,mongoose are found here Endemic lizards cresties lizard,pygmy lizard,kangaroo lizard,leaf nose lizards, 200 birds you will able see as well as and 15 spices .


Two option are available the 10-15km stretch which is about an hour ride or 20-30km stretch which about 2 hour .the host will accompany you and set the pace and take you through the safest routs at night

Negombo is a biggest fishing city in Sri Lanka. A unique village you will be cycling through fishing. Village and exploring fisherman living style which you are cycling you can visit to one of fishing house and taste cup of tea after that you can cycling to inside the village and through coconut estate.

Polonnaruwa is UNESCO world heritage site. is a wonder full experience and explores ancient archaeology and nature .Polonnaruwa was 2nd capital of srilanka and it was first declared the capital of city by King Vijayabahu 1 who defeated chola invaders in 1070 A.D it has proud history app: 1000 rd years.to visit historical site take 2 to 3hour for 9 to 10 km.


Duration 3 hours and will local thing guide who has experience over 20 years. You van fish barbecue ,seer,great traveling and queen fish ,as you deep towards selfish,blue or black Marlene,tuna,Wahoo,and few more allied species,

Trolling fishing method
Trolling is a method of fishing .when one or more fishing lines baited with lures or bait fish are drawn through the water .this may be behind a moving boat or by slowly winding the line when fishing from side to side. Trolling fishing is highly successful me third and best session in the memory.

Anchor fishing
Boat in not moving and anchor near fishing spot such as coral reef or Rocky area there is no specific best fishing but in the night more success.